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Friday, May 13, 2005

Aren't they attractive

Everyone lately is 'wowing' about how good Nicole Richie looks and how 'hot' Lindsey Lohan is. I mean, take a look at this -- Wow! They really are HOT! I mean, look what starving yourself can do for your image.
I read this thing the other day (sorry I can't remember where for the hat tip) that was all about how women shave this and wax that to get rid of 'embarrassing' body hair. The culmination of the article was that the current definition of what is 'attractive' isn't at all about women, its about little girls. I've had my theories, as many who know me have heard, about the fascination that men have with the 'brazilian' wax. If you don't know what this is, look it up. Basically, my theory was that its a bit disturbing because the only people who don't have what the 'brazilian' harshly takes away from you, are children.
But the comments in this article seemed to be so true. The rage of skinny, while no where near where it was in the 90's, is still ongoing. Women must remove this hair and wax that hair, have no body fat, small hips, etc. The list could go on. But the point is, that is not a woman. She is meant to have those things. And for all you men out there who say "I don't subscribe to that 'skinny woman' phenomenon". I say, yes you do. Just do a quick interent search and try and find out some measurements on one or two famous women who you think are 'hot'! Most of them are below 125 pounds and below 5'7". In case you can't visualize that, it is very skinny. In high school I weight 120 pounds and am 5'7". I have been described as looking 'too skinny'.
Men, start appreciating women for who we are and WHY we are different. And no, I'm not blaming men or society for Lindsey or Nicole, they are idiots.


Blogger z said...

Men AND women are slaves to the images they see and want to emmulate. The association is image = attraction, I guess. It's perfectly normal for people to want to be attractive, humans have been enhancing their appearance's since before the beginning (dawn of time).
What bothers me is, what drives the image?
It seems like it used to be the wealthy set the example for the masses to follow at grande balls and social gatherings.
Hey now!!!
Maybe things aren't so different nowadays. The driving force now seems to be the wealthy (who'd-a-thunk?) setting the example on TV.
I wonder if what's changed is that even the wealthy are driven by the corporations.
In the ongoing effort to squeeze the last dollar out of people, with a myriad of diet schemes, certain clothes, certain scents, perfect suits, big cars, blah, blah, blah maybe we're all victims.
Other than just the money to be made, it helps ensure future profits by keeping the mind dulled and distracted, and it creates a population of bleating sheep ripe for the picking by a corrupt government.
No wonder Eisenhower, Lincoln, Jefferson and a host of other earlier Statesmen worried deeply about the marraige of governments and corporations.

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