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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More fodder?

Arianna Huffington's new blog is up and running. I agree with Environmental Republican that this site will give the righties more and more fodder for their bile infused rhetoric--but mostly because they don't like it when rich people aren't Republicans.
It always confuses me when Republicans get so upset when someone from Hollywood expresses an opinion, and also confuses me when some liberal takes that opinion for more than its worth. They are free to express their opinions just like the rest of us, they just have a bigger stage. If offered a bigger stage, I can't say that I wouldn't relish the opportunity to give my opinion--I think that is true of most bloggers, otherwise, why would we be blogging?
To me, its just another opinion that I either agree or disagree with. I wouldn't say I take it as seriously as someone with the education and experience to back up their opinion, but hey, there are times (most) when someone with the experience makes me disagree with them.
Having said all that, Larry David is one of the funniest men in show business and I'll read anything he has to say, mostly because it is usually f'ing hysterical!

On the Bolton nomination:

Let's face it, the people who are screaming the loudest at Bolton have
never been a boss and have no idea what it’s like to deal with nitwits as dumb
as themselves all day long. Why, even this morning my moronic assistant handed
me a cup of coffee with way too much milk in it.

I was incensed. "You stupid ignoramus," I screamed, doing all I could to restrain myself from tossing the luke-warm liquid in her face. “There's too much freaking (I didn’t say freaking) milk in here! What the freak is wrong with you?!” “I’m sorry, sir,” she stammered. Like sorry’s going to fix everything. I’m not interested in sorry.
Sorry doesn’t cut it with me. “Look, you idiot,” I continued, “I wouldn’t mind
so much if you gave me too little milk. Little can be fixed. We can add to

“Shall I get you another cup?” “No, I’ll suck on my thumb. Yes, get me
another cup, you douche bag! And chew on this -- it’s going to cost you a
dollar!” This, of course, brought on the requisite tears. At which point I'd had
enough and began chasing her down the hall where she took refuge in the
bathroom. Boo-hoo. Poor thing!

Meanwhile, I’m the one who had to go into the kitchen and make my own coffee! And guess what? I missed a very important phone call from this masseuse whom I’d been trying to get an appointment with forever!! (Sorry about all the exclamation points, but you can see how worked up
I get over this Bolton business!)

There is one thing, though, I’ll guarantee: that will be the last time she puts in too much milk.


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