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Friday, April 29, 2005

Raise your hand if you thought this WASN'T going to happen

I can't believe its happening already, but you knew it was coming. You might have held your breath and thought...nah. You might have said, 'they seem to be getting along really well.' You might have said, 'he's a changed man.' But there is no way, no how this man will ever change.
What man you ask?
That arm flapping, egotistical, self-loving Eagle himself, Terrell Owens.

All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens
skipped the
' first minicamp practice on Friday, presumably because he
wants a new contract.
Owens said several times this month he wants to
renegotiate the seven-year deal he signed last March. The Eagles have refused to
redo the contract worth nearly $49 million.
Read Monday Morning Quarterback for expert analysis of this situation and of why T.O. doesn't deserve a new contract. With T.O. the Eagles went a grand total of one game further in the playoffs--granted, an important one game, but still, they didn't win it all. Speaking of fools, what are Simon, Mitchell and Westbrook thinking. They have a direct line of sight to next years Super Bowl too...get with it guys!


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