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Friday, April 08, 2005

Attention Ladies!

I realize now that I've given Ann Coulter way too much credit. Let me start off by saying that I think that Ann Coulter is a disgrace to any form of journalism and a complete and utter self-hating woman--and apparently, that was too much credit! Lets take a look at her latest contribution to the world (emphasis all mine):

The liberal take on Catholicism is that it's a controversial religion because of its positions on abortion, sodomy and various other crucial planks of the Democratic platform (curiously, positions that are shared by all three of the world's major religions).

This despite the millions of liberals who are Catholic, including myself. I have to say, I dont find Catholicism controversial, but don't let a little thing like reality get in the way of Ann's broad generalizations!

I'll leave it to the Catholics to explain the theological details, but we have a beautiful pair of bookmarks to the exact same incident illustrating women's special skills and deficits. The escape and capture of Brian Nichols shows women playing roles they should not (escorting dangerous criminals) and women playing roles they do best (making men better people).

Hhmmm. The role I do best--making men better people. If only I'd known before now, I could have travelled the earth proclaiming my special brand of wisdom and making the world a better place. Following logic, any failures of the world could be attributed to women not doing their jobs of making men better. Damn us woman, we're so lazy when it comes to fulfilling the 'roles we do best'!

In short order, Smith was reading aloud to Nichols from the Christian book "The Purpose Driven Life" -- in direct violation of his constitutional right to never hear any reference to God, in public or private, for any purpose, ever, ever, ever! For more on this right, go to the "People for the American Way" Web site.

Poor Ann, it IS really hard to distinguish between a private residence and the Congress, courts and public schools. I understand, but Ann, here is a simple way to help you figure out which ones are supposed to represent everyone in this country, not just God loving Christians. Ask yourself this: Is it financed by tax-payer money? I know its hard to figure out, but give all that higher education you have a challenge!

Smith knew all about Nichols' violent depredations from TV. Yet she saw him not as a monster, but as one of God's creatures. Most Christians -- most people -- have trouble seeing the humanity of people who take our parking spots. Smith could see God's hand in a multiple murderer holding her hostage. By showing him genuine Christian love, Smith turned Nichols from a beast to a brother in Christ. This phenomenon, utterly unknown to liberals, is what's known as a "miracle."

The funny part of this passage is that Ann Coulter doesn't see the humanity in anyone--gay's, liberals, women--but apparently a rapist and murderer is given the benefit of the doubt. Ann's next column will be about whiny bleeding heart liberals that don't want to put Nichols to death for his crimes because they see his 'humanity'. When a liberal sees humanity, its weak, but when a conservative sees it, its a miracle from (Christian's) God.

After describing Smith cooking Nichols breakfast, Ann had this to say:

It's also another example of how our universities are failing students. Today's college coeds would be dead: They know nothing about Jesus Christ and can't cook a good meal.

Attention coeds: stop all that learnin'..get into prayer and Home-Ec class right now. You MUST be prepared for the day a rapist and murderer comes to your house and decides not to rape and murder you based on your wonderful recipe for meatloaf---Christ and cooking SAVES!

Smith saved the soul of a man on a killing spree by talking to him about Christianity. But liberals think this won't work with the Muslims? We ought to fly this Ashley Smith to Saudi Arabia. We could just make her a box lunch every day and send her on her way.

Its the Crusades for the modern era. You dirty Muslims, you have no humanity until we convert you to Christianity...and teach you how to cook some damn fine pancakes!

Ann manages to take a beautiful story about redemption and caring for your fellow man into a tirade on feminism, godless liberals and as always, manages to get her digs in at the gay community. Ann manages to say 'Christian' eight times in one Op-Ed piece...thank God Ashley Smith wasn't a dirty Jew or worse yet, an agnostic! The only humanity I can't see at this moment is Ann's. Its covered up by all of her bigotry, hatred and and not just lack of compassion, but actually making a conscious effort to NOT be compassionate. You know, for all her 'Christ' talk, you think Ann would know what His life and teachings were about.


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