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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Two sides of the same coin

This just in--Camden, NJ is the most dangerous city in the country. I'm a little wary knowing that I live a scant 15 to 20 minutes outside this notorious place. Why, you ask, would I live so close to Camden? For those of you who don't know, Camden is surrounded by everyday suburbia. In fact, the town directly next to Camden, Cherry Hill, is one of the most affluent towns in South Jersey. Camden is also the place I prefer to see most of my the wonderful Tweeter Center. Camden is also home to the Battleship New Jersey and the home of the Camden River Sharks at picturesque Campbells Field. Home of Rutgers University, the renowned Cooper Hospital and much, much more. So how can Camden, NJ be the most dangerous city in the world?

"The southern New Jersey city of just nine square miles, which neighbors Philadelphia, is ranked worst in six categories of crimes. With 41 murders -- 10 times the national average -- 56 rapes and 974 aggravated assaults, according to the latest statistics from 2003, it is America's most dangerous city".

Camden is a beautiful city on the waterfront--next to affluence, across the water from affluence (Philadelphia's trendy neighborhoods)--that hopefully will be able to bounce back.
Lets hope the plan mandated by the State will do some good and hopefully bring jobs and responsible citizens back to Camden. Too often, suburbanites forget about towns and cities like this because they don't ever have to go near them, in them or around them. Not so with Camden. South Jersey needs to help Camden bounce back, for our own safety as well as for our community. South Jersey can no longer sit idly by while North Jersey garners all the attention (read: money). We need to reclaim our communities. Here's hoping this is a wake up call. NIMBY (not in my back yard) just got a whole new meaning.


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