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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Right to Die?

As everyone else on the blogosphere, I've also have been reluctant to comment on the Terry Schiavo case. This case has gotten a bit more play in my neighborhood because Schiavo is from suburban Philadelphia, my neck of the woods. The more I hear of this case, the more irate I get.
First of all, how dare protesters picket outside of her rehabilitation center? Where does anyone find such a 'high and mighty' horse to get on that they feel that they can have an opinion on one family's struggle with determining the fate of their loved one. To those ridiculous protesters I say--mind your own business.
I also don't understand why the Republicans (and some Democrats) in Congress have gotten involved and made this a 'right to die' case. Schiavo's case is not about 'right to die' or euthanasia. It is the same as the thousands of people everyday in this country who are being kept alive by mechanical means (i.e. respirator). The so-called 'pulling of the plug' on these people does not garner national attention or protesters or 'right to die' activists. No, it garners the attention of loved ones and family. The only difference in this case is that Schiavo is kept alive by a feeding tube and not a respirator; and of course, her parents belief that she can be rehabilitated (court appointed doctors say that she can't). Schiavo is not trying to commit physician-assisted suicide and her husband is not trying to commit physician-assisted murder.
I don't understand the governments involvement in this personal issue. How far are we going to intrude in everyday citizen's lives in order to promote the 'culture of life'. Anyone that supports the governments intrusion needs to imagine a day when they might possibly have to make a tragic decision for a loved one who is incapacitated.
Lets hope that they realize that the only opinion they won't be interested in hearing is George Bush's, Tom Delay's or anyone else in Congress.


Blogger gus steeves said...

Hi, Kat,

This case is such a no-win situation for everyone involved, and it has gone on so long that I'm not sure what anyone's real motives are.

At this point, the only ones who seem to benefit are those who care only about the IDEAS but don't give a damn about the PEOPLE actually in the middle -- "Right to Lifers" opposing euthanasia, "Right to Die" proponents opposing unneccesary suffering. We have no real idea what Terri wants, or, for that matter, how disabled she actually is. Pictures on TV make it very obvious she's NOT in a true vegetative state -- she still blinks, responds, moves somewhat. But they make equally clear the fact that her life is very unlikely to resume its original course; if she were to live, she'd almost certainly be profoundly disabled for life.

Personally, I wouldn't want that, but I'm not Terri. I think I could handle serious physical incapacity provided my mind and communication ability survived.

3:51 PM  
Blogger scott said...

The world will spin in the opposite direction, dogs will love cats and Kos will say that Bush may have been right when I say this: I agree with the affable Katinula!

Wait...everything seems to be as it was prior to writing those words.

6:19 PM  

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