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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It must be a joke....right?

I really feel as though we are finally getting to a substanative discussion about social security reform. What with little nuggets like this from Senator Norm Coleman--explaining criticism he recieved for supporting privatization (from Talking Points Memo):
"I countered it by being very clear that I supported personal accounts and opposed privatization."
And now, finally, someone had the guts to come out and say what every senior citizen should know about their beloved AARP. Leave it to the Swift Boat guys to really hammer the facts home. Check out this ad. I mean, I was wondering when someone was going to come out and say it---the AARP maintains a secret agenda that has nothing to do with senior citizens, unless those senior citizens want to marry another senior citizen of the same sex.
Check out Talking Points Memo coverage of this and other scary ads that we can thank the firms behind Swift Boats Veterens for. And you know where they blaze the trail, Karl Rove isn't far away pulling the strings.
As Kos reports, the link sent you to USA Next's website, with no follow up discussion or even a half-hearted attempt to explain the connection and subsequently I guess the ad was pulled. WHY??? I was hoping that we would all be able to finally find out about this secret agenda. I hope the conservative bloggers out there won't let it die.
Why talk about social security reform in terms of facts and numbers and predictions when you can scare people to death until they support your vision.


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