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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Carrying a flag?

I am by no means carrying a flag for the left. I carry my own flag and do not answer for others opinions. While my opinion sometimes, or perhaps most times, is complimentary to the left, I am by no means a flag bearer.
Having said that, check this out:

  • Someone who actually blames Clinton for 9-11. I think this might even be too much for some Republicans. I have no response to this as people who hate Clinton this much often can't be convinced of anything associated with him. I mean, somehow we're able to attribute things to him that didn't happen during his 2 terms and things that did happen during his 2 terms have nothing to do with him.
  • By historical policies, I mean the training of the mujahadeen to fight off the Soviets. After arming them and training them we left them high and dry. It wasn't a stretch to see that after turning back the Soviets, they had nothing left, except hatred. I am by no means saying this is a reason for 9-11 or for the current extreme fundamentalim, but I am saying it is valueable to study these policies so that we don't make the same mistakes again.
  • I agree that democracy is the savior of all, I just don't agree that its our job to bring it everywhere. There might be times and places to assist citizens that yearn for that democracy, but I have not one ounce of confidence that this is the reason we went to Iraq. In fact, I think if I remember right it had something to do with weapons of mass destruction. Please Republicans, stop acting like you all wanted to be the saviors of the world, you all thought it was weapons of mass destruction and national security too.
  • Republicans didn't see that Trent Lott couldnt be the leader they needed. They changed the rules and changed them back when they realized all the attention they were getting because of it. I believe the purge of House Ethics Committee Republicans is up to 3--all of them who voted against the initial rule change.
  • I never link to updates on the Iraq war (except the elections, which were a historic event). Day by day or month by month updates are ridiculous as the success or failure of this war will be determined many years in the future. However, I do feel that someone should be held responsible for the disastrous, by all accounts, planning.
  • By the way, you trump Michelle Malkin like she isn't for the Japanese internment
  • I can't believe that anyone believes that the goverment retaliation by outing an undercover CIA agent is an overblown story. C'mon now.
  • "I have the utmost respect for anyone who served, active duty or not." Well, I double dog dare you to start denouncing the smears against John Kerry, a man who served OUR country. (a topic I write about somewhat often).


Blogger z said...

I'm sorry.
Maybe I shouldn't have aughta,
but I did anyway.
I responded to Scott on his own blog.
I responded to his attacks against you.
I was, I thought, fairly polite.

He'd better be pretty well prepared next time.
I hope I didn't blindside him too bad.
He says he's a republican Environmentalist.
I'll be watching.

Anyway, sorry to stick my idiotic nose into your blog affairs.
However, like it or not, I still have visions of your hair, electrically straight, on end surrounding and trying to somehow capture you, dancing in my head.
As they will forever, without a doubt.
So, as an almost second daughter (I say that in the context of realizing that what I'm assuming is a relativaly consistant perception of reality, as we choose to know it, not however as do you, which would represent a complete foolishness on my part.
None of any of us has anything close to consistancy of perception...pity, that).
(Holy effing buddha jesus, how convoluted and strange was that last statement?).
I guess I'm feeling like writing tonight, and you and Scott seem to be the victims. Sorry.

OK, bottom line.
There are three bloggers I care about.
1. Don't eff with them without anticipating retaliation from ME.
2. Who am I? If you ever want to let your mother read your blog again, you don't want any post's by me on it. Honest.
3. I have two fer-real daughters. I have four total daughters.
4. One is Kata-whatever.
5. Don't call me Francis, or I'll kill you.
6. Don't ever touch me, or I'll kill you.
7. Don't fuck with my daughters.
or I'll humiliate you to death.

Kate, I know you don't need some goofy old grouch coming to your rescue. You're perfectly capable of defending your own positions.
I'm an old guy though.
I like the whole saving the "Damsel In Distress" thing.
I was gonna try it on D, but I ended up liking the distresser. Go figger.
You get old, the 'lil fuckers get married, have their own kids, then you die. old, cantankerous, anti-social, anti-government, anti-everything, curmudgeon's have to make our voices heard.
The best way is to not allow our sons and daughters to become victims of lies.
Hopefully, (and I harbor few doubts on this,
Our children will carry on the struggle against lies, tyranny, fascism and slavery.
Pity, they may have to pay for it with their lives.
I wish I could pay their debts forward now.
For you K, and you D, and you A2, and mostly for you A1.
(Never mind the g. He's still in training...god help
I'm not sure how to end this diatribe.
I've lost track of myself.
I feel better that it's amongst family.
Still, it's a little weird.
I go now...
I must play a musical instrument of some kind.
(Was that orange sunshine I dropped?) lol....
I'm just effing with you all.

Have a nice trip, see you when you get home.

4:53 AM  
Blogger z said...

I think I'm even weirder than I thought I was.
Maybe that's been my problem.
Weirdness sublimation.
I think my new thing will now be
Weirdness affirmation.
teehee....that'll scare ' don't need me to defend your ass ever.
You're like A1.
She too, is WAY TOO SMART for the dumb ass she hooked up with.
It is, however, not a bad thing to have a dumbass, with a sword-like tongue, to come to your rescue occasionally.
Oh, and I can cut fairly deep.
See my reply to Scott's "Debunking Kata-whatever" post.
I didn't just reply on your blog....I went ahead and answered him on his blog as well.
I hope he's not a possible boyfriend or anything. I'd be even more pissed at myself than I am now.
If he is...tell him "I sorry"

Off topic...
I went and visited with the E-Meister yesterday.
Fugger kills me dead.
He was laughing at the old peekaboo like I'd just invented it.
Good god, I like the 'lil bastardo so much I wanna puke.
(I'll wait though, until he's at my house. Paybacks are a they say...hehehehe).

Proceed dear, you're well loved and supported by us all.
Never fear.
You and D have strength's you may not even be aware of.... yet.
God help them when you become.

10:11 AM  
Blogger scott said...

Come on K, I am not blaming Clinton and you know it. I am blaming Islamofascists who hate us for the freedom we fight to protect. Clinton did not take action when he should have and we have and will continue to pay a price for it.

As for training and arming the Afghan resistance, should have not assisted them. Think about the other event s at the time, Iranian students held hostages for 444 days and the Soviets were moving toward the gulf.

Osama bin-Laden enjoyed our largesse when we assisted the Mujahideen, he hated us becasue we had troops (especially females) in the Arabian theater. He has said this numerous times.

As for Iraq, read Bill Kristol's book about the neocon view of the Iraqi war entitled The War Over Iraq, it gives a much more detailed view of why we invaded Iraq. Saddam was a threat and has proven in the past that nothing would stop him from his goals.

As for Michelle Malkin, I think she is wrong in her view about the internment of Japanese citizens and have said so in the past. I don't drink the Republican kool-aid like the majority of Dems do.

I am not a hypocrite either as are Atrios and Kos, slamming Jeff Gannon (Guckert) for possibly being gay, that's just sick.

Lastly, explain the smears that John Kerry has endured. You never gave credence to the Swift Boat guys and there was a lot more of them then supporters of Kerry. As a veteran, I am appalled that a guy would bring a camera to a war zone to film himself.

As for commenter Z--Dude, you're whacked. I personally know K. and we have had this discussion in person many a time. You can comment on my site any time you wish, but please come with several things:

An intellectually honest argument;

Knowledge of the topic; and

a somewhat open mind.

Oh' yeah, bring your a-game.

2:32 PM  

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