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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

You know he's right...

A good commentary in Sports Illustrated today about Barry Bonds and why he should leave baseball. I admit, I'm a little selfish in my opinion that I want Bonds to leave because I don't think someone who uses performance enhancing drugs should get a chance to break a record of someone who is percieved as a sports hero, for many reasons, not just phyical prowess, that didn't have access to those drugs. Whether or not you are a Bonds fan (are there any out there?) and possibly subscribe to the 'they weren't illegal in baseball then' arguement , you must admit that with those drugs under his belt, he was able to be stronger, heal faster from injury and had a greater ability to bounce back after each game and a greater ability to keep his stamina going over the length of a season. This has an affect on his ability to hit home runs. I realize the man has a talent for hitting balls, but sustaining that over a season is also a talent, a talent that he possibly doesn't quite have without the 'clear' or the 'cream'.
Barry, there is no easy way out. If you break the records, no one will ever talk about you like a hero or without the asterisk. No one will be rooting for you but yourself. Is that the sports immortality you are searching for?


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