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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

You say tomato...

The recent debate over the privatization of Social Security has become almost comical. Its now not a battle over whether these 'private' or 'personal' accounts will actually help Social Security, its a battle over whether to call them 'private' or 'personal'.
As Talking Points Memo has been diligently reporting, Senators and Congressmen from both sides have been positioning themselves for the upcoming battle. The word from the White House is that calling is 'privatization' apparently scares people, especially seniors, away from the idea. So now...we are to refer to it has 'personal accounts'. This, despite years worth of the President and other lawmakes calling it 'private accounts' and 'privatization'.
I mean, is this where we are as a country? Its no longer important if this will actually work, its more important WHAT it's called. According to Republican pollster Frank Luntz, anyone who uses the term 'private' or 'privatization' is betraying a bias towards the plan. So the media should just be good little reporters and begin using the term 'personal' at the administrations direction.
This exchange with the President is actually comical (emphasis mine):
The Post: Will you talk to Senate Democrats about your privatization plan?
THE PRESIDENT: You mean, the personal savings accounts?
The Post: Yes, exactly. Scott has been --
THE PRESIDENT: We don't want to be editorializing, at least in the questions.
The Post: You used partial privatization yourself last year, sir.
The Post: Yes, three times in one sentence. We had to figure this out, because we're in an argument with the RNC [Republican National Committee] about how we should actually word this. [Post staff writer] Mike Allen, the industrious Mike Allen, found it.
THE PRESIDENT: Allen did what now?
The Post: You used partial privatization.
THE PRESIDENT: I did, personally?
The Post: Right.
The Post: To describe it.
THE PRESIDENT: When, when was it?
The Post: Mike said it was right around the election.
The Post: It was right around the election. We'll send it over.
THE PRESIDENT: I'm surprised. Maybe I did. It's amazing what happens when you're tired. Anyway, your question was? I'm sorry for interrupting.
The Post: So have you talked to Senate Democrats about this?

Yes, Mr. President, it IS amazing what happens when you are tired. I mean, oops, we accidentally screwed up the planning for Iraq and now its a complete mess. I guess the team was pretty tired the day we were planning for what happens after the initial mission was accomplished? Now that we are planning for Iran, I think you and the rest of the team could use a month in Crawford for some R&R so that we don't f&*k that one up too.
I dont even know what to say about this exchange. For how many years has everyone been calling it 'privatization'??!! Now, typical of this administration, we are supposed to erase the past, embrace their idea of the future and anyone who doesn't is biased, politically motivated and doesn't think in the best interests of America. Its like the Iraq war. Erase the past of we were going there to make Saddam get rid of WMD's, embrace their idea of the future of democratic Iraq (because supposedly thats NOW why we went there) and if you don't embrace that, you WANT Iraq to fail because either you are racist and don't believe Muslims deserve democracy or because of your personal animosity towards the President.
Completely ridiculous...and sad to say, typical.


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