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Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'm not alone

Interestingly enough, Andrew Sullivan has been posting on some issues similar to what I'm saying, most recently about Pat Buchanan:
"To devout Muslims, what Europe offers is godless materialism and hedonism, a life devoid of meaning and purpose, save pleasure and self-indulgence. They prefer to do Allah's bidding in this world to ensure they share his paradise in the next.Undeniably, Islam is rising. And, like all rising faiths, it is intolerant. Disbelieving that all religions are equal – "There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his Prophet" – Islam does not believe all faiths should be treated equally. Why should they be? If one has God's revealed truth, why should one tolerate lies that lead to the damnation of the faithful?In its new constitution, the European Union has declared Christianity a dead relic. What Islam is saying – with its militancy, its soaring birth rate, it steady replacement of dying Europeans with young Muslim immigrants – is: 'Christianity may be your past, but we are your future.'My money's on the true believers." - Patrick Buchanan's latest column. I've been waiting for the social right in this country to start sympathizing with Islamic theocracy. Charles Colson blazed the trail recently. And you can see the glimmers of it in Buchanan's piece - his preference for intolerant faiths, his disgust at secular Europe, his contempt for many of the things (feminism, gay rights, cultural pluralism) that the Islamists also hate.
It is not a stretch to see that the social right in this country are headed down a slippery slope, and trying to take us with them. Just look at this.


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