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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

oh you gotta love em...

What is it with Republicans? Even when you aren't criticizing them they take it as a criticism. Can there never be peace??
My friend Environmental Republican posts a lengthy reply to my rampage about religion in goverment. He takes it as a direct criticism of Bush and the Republicans, and while I'm always ready to criticize Bush, I think you'll notice that I don't mention one political party in my post. This was not a criticism of Bush, Republicans or Democrats. It was a comment on the new resurgence of this religious movement. My point being that with all the important stuff going on in the world, of which I gave a few examples, why is it that this collection of Reverands was on Meet the Press. Why aren't there Senators and Representatives and Cabinet members out there discussing these defining points of our time? I didn't say one thing about whether or not Bush helps this or that; and I certainly wasn't implying these gentlemen don't have a right to free speech. I simply stated that I think we could have had a more thoughtful and applicable panel to discuss world issues that actually matter instead of having a panel discussing the so called moral fiber of this country.
Whether or not this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and our 'founding fathers' were Christian is not the point. There is a separation of church and state in this country to protect government and also to protect religion. And it justs chaps my ass to see people trying to make legislation or change legislation based solely on their Christian, or any other religious values. Gay marriage being an example. Abortion being another one. How do you explain to someone who is an atheist that they can't terminate their pregnancy because according to the law, their five week old fetus has a soul and is a child. I believe this...but maybe that person doesn't. And its their body at the end of the day. We should be working on ways to limit this, including more education about safe sex, a ban on late term abortion (yes, I said it, and I'm talking anything after month 6 unless its to save the mother) and a presentation of real options for people such as adoption in this country where after 5 years you can't come back and claim you want your kid back (I know this as I know people who have adopted American rather than foreign).
And I think its naive to think that if we start letting some of this religious based legislation or whatever into our government, that it won't grow like a bad seed, And yes, get on the same path as these Muslim fundamentalists. Thats just what I believe. Please, Jerry Falwell blamed 911 on gays and 'abortionists'.
I seek and embrace no one radical, conservative or in between. I seek people who tell the truth and see our goverment like I do. Thats all anyone can seek. I was just as disgusted with Kerry's false embrace of Catholicsm to cater to that group as I am of Bush's 'born again' bullshit. Candidates religious persuasion should be a private matter and not a matter for public discourse.
Once again S, you are always seeing the battle of liberal v. conservative rather than an honest discussion on topics infinitely more important that partisan bullcrap.
ps...did you actually try and garner some sympathy for Trent Lott? C'mon, you must be kidding. Next you are going to tell me Tom Delay really deserves to be allowed to remain in your party's leadership. Those two are about as good for America as an outbreak of bubonic plague. And yes, just so you know, there are democrats I think that of also.


Blogger scott said...

Welcome to the blogosphere my friend. I know you and your politics and do believe that I can read between the lines somewhat. I never said anything about religios based legislation, I merely noted how we were a nation started with religion and remain one today.

I'm out of time this evening, alas, but we will continue this debate.

6:28 PM  

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