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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry no posts lately...I was in plane travel/airport hell last week and then I finally made it to the parents homestead in Virginia. Once again it was a comical, irritating, crazy weekend with the family. Where, as modern as we are, the menfolk still watch football and the woman folk still cook in the kitchen all day. I wouldn't mind this so much...all I ask for is the comm0n decency of a 'can I help you with anything?' or a 'is there anything I can do?'. At which point, any of us would decline and say thank you; as we can inevitably do it quicker without you, but still, the offer would be nice. Every year I go through this and every year I say never again. Ah, the joys of family. I say this with all the anger inside my bones, yet, they are my family and I love them and if anything to be thankful for, its them.


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