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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


And it will never end...
As disgusting as the questions were about John Kerry's combat experience, you would think after the election it would have ended...but no. Sean Hannity and cant seem to let it go...its too fun for them.
see this item comparing John Kerry and the recent shooting of an Iraqi man incident in Falluja.
Sean Hannity is to journalism what Taco Bell is to mexican food...overprocessed and fake, yet some people just get a hankering for it.
He doesnt even pretend to not be misleading you. He goes on to say this:
"It was alleged that John Kerry did something similar [to the Marine involved in the Fallujah shooting incident] when he was serving, and the same people that held him up as a hero ... [t]he same people that are criticizing these guys [the Marines involved in the incident] voted for Kerry. ... It's hypocritical."
Hypocritcal? I'll give you hypocritical Sean...How about spouting off all the time on how we should support our troops, how some people are traitors and cowards and how our poor troops are suffering because of lack of support and then tearing down a man that served and defended our country...thats right OUR country...just because you disagree with his politics.


Blogger Scott said...

Kerry won a Silver Star for an action in which he shot a Vietnamese teenager in the back. The teenager was already wounded. They are comparable. The MSM does not tell the full story, the man who shot the terrorist was a part of a unit that sustained casualties the previous day due to a booby-trapped body. The soldier was exercising due diligence with regard to protecting himself and his fellow Marines.

9:18 AM  

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