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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Get out the broom

So many comments around the web concerning all the resignations in the cabinet this past week. The optimist in me says maybe things can change now....then I bitchslap myself back into reality and realize that this is all a setup for things to get worse. No more re-election VP to worry about re-electing...lets get on with the agenda.
My thoughts before these resignations was that someone was going to be sacrificed to make room for Rudy Guiliani (does anyone know how to spell that damn name). Little did I know how easy it was going to be for him. The man has been out of politics for a while and can't afford to spend another 4 years out of the limelight and then be able to come back into politics as vice presidential or dare I say presidential nominee.
I'm sad to see Powell go, but then again, I lost all respect for him when he sold out to Bush. He should have resigned before ever going to the UN with that 'evidence'. Instead, he sold out and went with it, despite his doubts I suspect, and now look at him...deemed 'unloyal'...which in this administration means offering differing opinions or 'gasp' -- being realistic!


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