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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Frothing at the mouth...

Some people are frothing at the mouth over this incident in which the Iraqi soldier was shot in Falluja. I think we all need to bring it down a notch. Lets wait and see what any investigation might bring up. War is dangerous and scary and confusing and shit happens that isnt necessarily the best situation, but when you are defending your life, seems like the only thing to do. I dont think its in any way comparable to Abu Graib. That prison was a system of sanctioned abuse that took our moral standing in the world and shat all over it (the tell tale sign being the release of hundreds of prisoners the week the scandal broke. I guess they all started 'talking' at the same time). And now...we have all the lower level soldiers...PFC's no less...going to jail for it. Not the higher ups who you know set the policy and ordered the abuse. But didnt you know, this administration supports the 'military man'. Just as long as he has the same politics, is one of their business cronies, refuses to question the operation, lives in a warped reality of sunny side up optimism that insults the intelligence of Americans or listens to Toby Keith. If you dont fit in one of these little are a coward, traitor, liar, father of an illigetimate black child or war criminal.


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