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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Meet the Assholes...

Today, on the 15 minutes I could stand of Meet the Press, we had as our guests...the Rev. Jerry Falwell, the Rev. Jim WhatsHisName, the Rev. SoandSo and the Rev. Al Sharpton. What a colleciton of assholes this was. Its a sad panel when Al Sharpton is the voice of reason. In todays world, with literally, world peace hanging in the balance, genocide in Africa, AIDS pandemics, people starving in America, segregation still in Alabama's state constitution, and who do we have on Meet the Press, the Reverand No-Nothing and his posse of do-gooders.
My friend Zorpack, goes on a classic rampage on religion. I won't go that far but I will say this, those Christian moral voters, those judgmental bastards who defy everything that Christ stood for, will turn this country into a theocracy quicker than you can say Amen and we'll all be in for it. How do they not see that they are the same as the Muslim fundamentalists--THEY JUST ARENT AS SUCCESSFUL...well, at least not yet anyway. Our poor founding fathers. These idiots who put 'In God we Trust' on the money in the 50's and 'One nation, under God' in the pledge in the 50's. People, these arguements aren't about America, they are about pushing your religion on the people.
I am a religious person, I consider myself Catholic, though some might say I'm not a good one. I don't listen to those people. I have my faith and I do what is right in my eyes and what I was taught by my parents and my faith. All of my beliefs are based upon this and I feel that I am in good standing with my God. I will not however, attempt to put my religion in government, policy or in anyones elses face. All of these so-called moral issues--abortion, gay marriage--these are not for our govertment to decide. It is religion that says life starts at conception, otherside, its just a fetus. If they put half the effort into educating people to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to give people options other than abortion as they do into trying to make it illegal, we woundnt have an abortion 'problem'. We would have less abortions and more solutions. Making it illegal accomplishes one thing and one thing only...making it dangerous.
And here is something else...marriage, you wingnuts, is a legal status afforded by our goverment. If you choose to ascribe religious implications to your marriage, by all means do so, but if you don't, go to a judge and get WHOEVER YOU WANT. Since when is it up to the governemnt to determine what is good for the 'sanctity' of marriage?? Well, I happen to think that McDonalds isn't good for the sanctity of makes kids fat and then parents argue over their fat kids and their fat spouses from one too many big macs and then the next thing you know, they are doing some 16 year old girl they coach on the high school soccer team. I vote NO on 'bout you?
Sorry to get on a rant, but keep your God and religion to yourselves and to your parish, mosque or wherever you is NOT for anyone else, and especially not for public policy.


Blogger z said...

You Ho bitch.
I will NOT keep my opionions on religion to myself.
Sorry that you're a Catholic.
I do be Buddhist. We've been known to set ouselves on fire.
So, watch it grrrl!
Truth is, I absolutely loved your post.
There were two moments when I was actually laying on my stomach, on the floor, laughing.
Eff those "red state" people.
Oh hell, eff everyone.
Given the chance there are few people I'd choose to associate with.
D is one, as is B and as are you.
Did I mention his hghness, E?
Well, regardless of anything (did I mention that I'm toast this evening? Which changes me), you are not, ever, alone on this plane of existance. I support everything you've said. Hell, I'll shoot the people that disagree... I would for D and you.
(Are other people going to be able to read
Fuck it...keep writing. It's good for the soul.
Doesn't hurt to know who your friends are either.
Write too much, and you'll wake up regretful in the morning, for a while anyway.
In my case, I don't care anymore....if it's worth saying inebriated, it's probably worth saying in any condition.
You rock on girl....

2:58 AM  
Blogger scott said...

I've posted my response here.

BTW, I have no idea how you digressed to McDonalds. Maybe me closed Republican mind couldn't grasp your nuance.

6:19 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Uh, what was up with the ebonics, Dude. Your post was so enlightening.

8:25 PM  
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