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Friday, December 10, 2004

Someone smack him...

Well, everyone is up in arms on both sides of the fence over the 'town hall' meeting with Rumsfeld and the GI's in Kuwait. And now the right is frothing at the mouth that the much publicized question on lack of armor for vehicles was 'planted' by a journalist. For me, I don't see how that makes a difference. I'm fairly sure that the soldier who asked the question would not have asked it if he didn't believe in what he was asking. And I think I can say with certainty that the reporter did not 'plant' the applause and cheers that followed up that question from the more than 2,000 troops at the meeting. If you continue to watch the meeting, another soldier asks about the stop/loss program. Was that another 'plant'?
So what does all this tell us? The soldiers in the Middle East are worried and concerned about the same things that we are worried and concerned about over here. And they want answers! And what does Rummy offer them? That they go to war with the Army they have, not the Army they wish to have. Pretty lame if you ask me. A pre-meditated invasion of Iraq deserves a bit more planning, I would think. And before all you righties start criticizing the 'mainstream media' again, take note that GW would have asked the same question:
"We expect our troops to have the best possible equipment," he said. "And if I were a soldier overseas wanting to defend my country, I'd want to ask the secretary of defense the same question."
Only problem is, he should already know the answer.
Of all the cabinet defections and resignations, still standing is the only man who was deserving of being fired. Rumsfeld. He takes responsibility for nothing. If you listen to his quotes or answers to questions: Whats up with troop levels? His input consists of what the generals in the field tell him. Armor? We're trying. Abu Ghraib? Low level soldiers who are being punished as we speak. Heck, I say cut out the middle man. If he is just listening to everyone else...why do we need him? He is without one ounce of leadership qualities and he has yet to take responsibility for any of the mess over there. Even if you believe in the war, and believe things are peachy keen, you have to see that there were some grave miscalculations on SOMEONE'S part. Troop levels, prisoner interrogation...someone needs to take responsibility for this. And it starts at the top.
Rummy needs a slap with the reality stick. But the one thing that keeps him his job? Loyalty.
No, not to the USA, not to the troops, not to his generals, but to GW. And with this administration, thats all that matters.


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