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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My heart is sad...if sad means happy...

While I hate to find happiness in other people's sorrow, I couldn't help but chuckle today for the thousands of Eagles fans left in total and complete misery today.
While I'm not an Eagles fan, I am a Giant's fan, I feel for you guys. While I have enjoyed the pure bliss of the highest successes...twice (in my lifetime)...the Eagles fans are still waiting.
And to get that pure bliss, they sold their souls to T.O. --and boy did he come through. As if the road to the Super Bowl wouldn't be hard enough this year. Strike that, the road to the Super Bowl is going to be easy for the Eagles this year--but getting a win, while a long shot with T.O, is now the equivalent of me kicking a 52 yarder in Lambeau during the next ice bowl to win the game.
I feel for McNabb and all the other decent Eagles fans out there. McNabb is a class guy and a great quarterback. He gets a little less attention in the era of Manning, but that is just bad timing. No one gets attention when history is being made. But to get that Super Bowl, Eagles fans had to lower themselves to rooting for a guy like T.O--and they did it--and now, he's gone, leaving any hope they had of beating whoever makes it out of the Pittsburgh, New England, Indianapolis fray blowing in the wind. Now, nothing left for you but a fools chance, souls burning in bad sportsmanship hell, and waiting until next year. Its kind of sad..
But then again...I'm not an Eagles rejoice!!


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