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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Too little...too F'ing late!

You know what really chaps my ass? Let me tell you. People like Bill Kristol. How dare you start now to criticize Rumsfeld! You self-serving partisan ass! So now...all of the sudden..Rumsfeld isn't up to snuff for you righties..but he was just fine before the election. I'm not saying that if you thought Rumsfeld was junk before the election, that your vote would have changed. But now, you start criticizing him because its safe, because GW has won the election? Your fake, half-hearted attempt at moral outrage or even a calm contempt rings so hollow it has an echo. And I have to put one of my favorites in this category too...John McCain. You all did nothing but praise the war...the reasons for the war (even though they weren't the reasons we were told), the planning of the war...the 'mission accomplished', the post-war that GW could get re-elected. It was all a massive success. Now, one month later, Rumsfeld is an 'arrogant buck-passer'. Now there is no 'confidence' in him as a leader. NOW we 'deserve a better defense secretary'????
Please! There is only one reason Rumsfeld is still Secretary of Defense...he hasn't been fired. But who on earth is going to fire him?? That would take a monumental effort of good judgement on GW's part. I'm not sure if he has it in him.


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