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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Today Andrew Sullivan had some really thought provoking posts. There is one in particular that was interesting:
SCHEUER ON THE "COVERT JEWS": A pretty amazing piece of dialogue at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting where CIA operative and author of "Imperial Hubris," Michael Scheuer, let rip on Israel's alleged "clandestine" influence on American politics:
SCHEUER: I always have thought that there's nothing too dangerous to talk about in America, that there shouldn't be anything. And it happens that Israel is the one thing that seems to be too dangerous to talk about. And I wrote in my book that I congratulate them. It's probably the most successful covert action program in the history of man to control--the important political debate in a country of 270 million people is an extraordinary accomplishment. I wish our clandestine service could do as well. The point I would make--the point I try to make basically in the book is we just cannot--we can no longer afford to be seen as the dog that's led by the tail. I've tried to be very clear in saying we have an alliance with the Israelis. We have a moral obligation to try to work through this issue, if we can. But I don't think we can afford to be led around, or at least appear to be led around by them. And I certainly, as an American, find it unbearable to think there's something in this country you can't talk about. That's really my spiel I guess on that, sir.

Emphasis mine. While his point about the 'covert action' of Jews is ridiculous, I do somewhat agree with his point about dangerous things to talk about. I hate the idea that having an opinion about something makes you predjudiced or somesuch nonsense. We should be able to talk frankly about policies towards Israel without fear of being seen as Anti-semitic. Along the same lines, we should be able to talk about Bush's failures without being seen as cowards or treasonous. Andrew Sullivan rightly points out that Scheuer seems to think its covert only because they are Jews. Nothing like taking a good point and ruining it with ridiculous predjudices.
On a funnier note, check out his 'American Idol' link. Hilarious.


Blogger z said...

Covert action of jews "ridicules?"
I'll have to ponder that.
Just like the U.S. has spies in friendly countries, I'm pretty convinced that friendly counties have spies in the U.S.
Covert action is inevitable.
Check and see how many people that worked in the twin towers called out sick on 9/11.
Check out their backgrounds.
Somebody knew something.
That's only one case.
I'll have to ponder indeed.

8:38 PM  
Blogger gus steeves said...

Z's right about our allies spying on us, but I don't think Israel "calls the shots" in any meaningful way. That country certainly has a strong built-in lobby in the big US Jewish population, though, and that's part of the problem: Judaism, unlike the other major faiths, is essentially a tribal religion -- it discourages conversion & missionizing and encourages solidarity, sense of "homeland," & marriage within the community to a greater degree than many faiths.

Combine those features with a lengthy history of being segregated from and often oppressed by others that's suddenly changed by the birth of independent modern Israel (1949) and you've got a situation tailor-made for them to see country = religion = Jewish people, and demagogues play on that connection on both sides.

Our policy needs to make it clear that how we react to what the Republic of Israel does has nothing to do with how we treat Jews as fellow people, or with issues that affect Jews here in our country. Likewise, we need clarity that Jews are only ONE of the world's Semitic peoples, so that supporting Arab countries & the Palestinians in some issues is not racially-motivated "Anti-Semitism."

5:21 PM  

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