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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Iraq war, thought police and more...

Environmental Republican is all over me about my postings. I mean jeez, I only got the email edition of the Equinox late last week for crying out loud! Give a girl time to contemplate! Having said that, my contemplation hasn't yielded any results. While I understand the fireing of this professor due to his disgusting after school activities (the school says it's because of missed classes), most of the students at FDU were in shock. Why? Because apparently they couldn't believe he actually felt this way. Apparently, none of his views entered the classroom and he was known to have helped students, who apparently he hated because of their skin color and/or religious affiliation. The reason I say I'm still a bit torn is because who is it that decides what is unacceptable after school activities and what is unacceptable beliefs. It just gets into a scary territory where things like anti-semitism and bigotry are obviously offensive, but maybe next a pro-choice teacher from Kansas gets fired...or a gay professor gets fired in Georgia. Just who is the thought police and who decides what is and isn't acceptable. Its a slippery slope. I agree with his fireing, but I just wonder what consequences actions like this will bring.

Additionally, I think I've explained myself about not posting to news about the Iraq War. Not only do you not see 'good news' pieces linked to here, you also don't see 'bad news' pieces. Unless Environmental Republican thinks everything since the beginning of this war has been peachy keen, he's not being very balanced--an no 'the mainstream media does enough reporting of bad news stories' excuses. Its your blog and if you don't count on the 'MSM' for your reporting, why should others. Cover both sides. That being said, besides Andrew Sullivan, show me one right wing blogger who covers anything remotely bad about the war, including torture.

Also, I've been reading his comments on Terri Schiavo and for once we agreed on a subject. But his last post got to me a bit. I haven't seen any Democrats or liberals saying her death is a victory. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but the only person I see claiming victory or defeat is Tom Delays and his Christian right cronies. Disgusting. Also, be careful who you call a 'scumbag'. You don't know the Schiavo's or the Schindlers and no one certainly knows what went on in the hospice during Terri Shiavo's final moments. By calling Schiavo a scumbag, you are inserting yourself right into a place where you don't belong. I wonder if the Schindlers demanded Schiavo leave when they visited their daughter. I wouldn't have left either. I wonder if Schiavo would have been vilified as a bad husband if Terri really had died 15 years ago and he fell in love and began a family with someone else. For all intents and purposes, for him, she did die. While someone staying by his/her spouses side for all those years could be commended, I dont think someone who began a new life should be vilified. He was young too and had plans for his life. I don't have an opinion on him or the Schindlers, I'm just offering some 'what-ifs'. Of course, the only person not using the media to push their agenda was...Michael Schiavo. No interviews, no press conferences.
More updates to come, I just needed to respond.


Blogger scott said...

Anyone who is still legally married and has children with another woman, regardless of the circumstances, is a scumbag.

"For better or worse, in sickness and in health" is not just empty rhetoric to some people who marry.

11:29 AM  
Blogger z said...

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