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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Must Read...

An issue my friend Z has been talking about for some time now--peak oil. This article is a must read in Rolling Stone. Actually, when I went to school last night, classmates were already discussing this. I should mention I'm in a Masters program for environmental science, so the article is somewhat topical for our classes.
The article is a bit inflammatory and the author obviously has some serious BushCo and cynicism issues, but the point of the article is not lost. We are reaching peak oil and our society WILL change dramatically once we do. This is something that can not be disputed. Whether you disagree on how society will change, some universal truths are hard to deny. Suburbia will suffer the most and our normal lives of cheap WalMart goods and cheap food and cheap gasoline (already a thing of the past, but still cheap by world standards) will disappear.
Read the article, spend some time, try and take the inflammatory comments with a grain of salt and get down to the deeper truths. It is an important issue, probably, the most important.


Blogger z said...

Hi there,
Peak Oil is a scary subject. Thanks for bringing it up. It's well that it's also on the minds of your peers. The notion of Peak Oil is still pretty much off the radar screen for most U.S. citizens and I'm afraid it will remain so until it's far too late.
At this point most leading "experts" are no longer questioning the premise of Peak Oil, the biggest debate is on "when" the effects will manifest themselves.
One side argues that we'll see effects as early as Thanksgiving 2005, the other side generally thinks it will be 10 to 20 years out.
I'm betting on the earlier time rather than the later.
Aljazeera reported on 4/12/05 that The Bank of Monteal analyst Don Coxe has stated that Saudi Arabia's biggest oil field, Gharwar, is in irreversible decline.
This is a major blow since the Saudi's have been able to stabilize production effortlessly over the years.
It's been said by others that, "once Gharwar is in decline, the world is in decline."

The great hope of the majority of people, and the persistence of the illusion of well being, lies primarily in the hope that humanity with its ingenuity will be able to provide a solution to the crisis by the use of so called "alternative energy sources."
This myth will keep most people from preparing for a vastly different future within their lifetimes.
There will probably be a lot of Account Executive farmers and McDonalds Burger hamburger flippers getting their hands dirty, side by side, as they try to scrape out a living from the soil.
There's a great article by Walter Youngquist that debunks much of that myth. It's "must read" if you want to understand the complexities involved with replacing cheap oil by using alternative fuels.

Finally, if you become truly obsessed with the subject, there's always a site so comprehensive and chock full of information that you can easily become lost in its labyrinth of data.

Staying informed is probably the best method of staying alive.
Learn how to garden, generate electricity with water power, or solar power and keep your powder dry.

Good Luck.

(K., this will be posted on my blog as well, just so you know).

8:51 AM  
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