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Thursday, April 21, 2005

More on pharmacists

I've been taken to task by Z and Environmental Republican for my pharmacy posting, and somewhat rightly so. I understand their comments about private business and a capitalistic society, and even though I believe capitalism is the root of some of the major problems in this country, I understand it is the reason we are the country we are. In this situation though, I think the private business rationale doesn't hold water. In any other type of business, I would agree, you have the right to refuse service to anyone. But pharmacists refusing to sell certain drugs will be come a public health issue. I ask you to imagine the first person from some rural area, any rural area, who becomes seriously ill from some treatable STD. In cases of rural areas, where maybe there is only one pharmacy and many people who don't have the means to go elsewhere, it won't be long before this happens. Its hard for us to imagine a situation like that because we would just go to the next corner where there will be either a Walgreens, Eckerd or CVS. But for many people, life isn't like this.
I don't know the answer to this because I can see the constitutional problems with trying to force someone to sell something they don't want to, BUT it will become a public health issue sooner or later.
Environmental Republican also thinks I have an unnatural prediliction towards the morning after pill. I don't, I was just continuing on with his example. However, I am pro-choice so I do believe it should be available. I don't find a pill that prevents implantation of the fertilized egg as distateful as I find the idea of waiting 4 months (or possibly longer) to go and get an abortion. One is certainly more preferable than the other. Once again, some things that I may or may not find immoral should NOT be illegal.

But then again, these pharmacists want to stop selling normal birth control also. I think we should find a little town in Texas with one pharmacy that refuses to sell birth control or the morning after pill. Lets see all the unwanted pregnancies that arise from that situation and the we can watch it neatly coincide with Texas' great new law that outlaws gay foster parents. A study of their child protective service should be a real hoot.


Blogger z said...

Hey there, I wasn't really taking you to task...just pointing out that it is a private business.
To me the obvious solution is to take the entire health care industry to task.
Offer the ones that would welcome the chance to suck on the federal tit the opportunity join into a universal system to provide health care to everyone. Those that choose to remain private can continue to pick and chose their customers. Once you joined though, you would be required to sell according rules designed to eliminate prejudicial judgements, or loose the funding. States get this treatment all the time with the highway system.
The big question is...How do we fund it?
That's even easier.
Instead of spending $87,000,000,000.00 a year spreading democracy in Iraq, since it's OUR money, let's take care of OUR people first.
If they want democracy in Iraq bad enough, they'll fight for it, just like we did.
Or are we really over there for some.....other reason?

Anyway, we can have it both ways. We've already got "big government" and neither the pub's or dem's seem inclined to make it any smaller, so let's at least have our taxes spent on Americans.

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