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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More on Miers...

This kind of thing just makes me angry. We know virtually nothing on Harriet Miers and her qualifications to be on the SCOTUS. President Bush's argument has amounted to a strong case of 'will you please just trust me that she's qualified?'.

Thankfully, we have the Washington Post and other hardhitting news agencies digging deep into her legal briefings and qualifications to bring us stories like this one, to let us know her keen legal mind...

One evening in the 1980s, several years after Harriet Miers dedicated her life to Jesus Christ, she attended a lecture at her Dallas evangelical church with Nathan Hecht, a colleague at her law firm and her on-again, off-again boyfriend. The speaker was Paul Brand, a surgeon and the author of "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made," a best-selling exploration of God and the human body.
When the lecture was over, Miers said words Hecht had never heard from her before. "I'm convinced that life begins at conception," Hecht recalled her saying. According to Hecht, now a Texas Supreme Court justice, Miers has believed ever since that abortion is "taking a life."

"I know she is pro-life," said Hecht, one of the most conservative judges in Texas. "She thinks that after conception, it's not a balancing act -- or if it is, it's a balancing of two equal lives."

But wait, if that isn't enough to convince you about her qualifications, the article goes on...

"People in Dallas know she's a conservative," said her friend Ed Kinkeade, a federal district judge. "She's not Elmer Gantry, but she lives what she believes. . . . I'm like, y'all, has George Bush appointed anyone to an appellate court that is a betrayal to conservatives?"

Pheww...that was close. I mean, I hope conservatives are feeling a bit better today after reading this article. If people in Dallas know...well then.

But if Miers is leaving her church, the church is not leaving her. Kaycia Key said she expects to see the next Supreme Court justice in the pews, singing enthusiastically, if not skillfully. "Let's just say she makes a joyful noise unto the Lord," Key said. "She doesn't hesitate to sing out."

If you need a perfect example why people think the religious right (and President Bush) has a hidden agenda to end the separation of church and state, this article is exhibit number one. He has nominated someone to one of the most important seats in the land; someone who is charged with upholding the f*$king Constitution of the United States of America; someone who's credentials we know virtually nothing about.

Instead of assuaging our fears and providing details about her keen legal mind, her judicial philosphy, how she feels on certain so-called 'hot button' issues, we get a (planted) story in the Washington Post about her religious beliefs and how they came to be.

I'm trying to say this with as much self-control as possible---WHO GIVES A FLYING F&#K???!!! Oh, thats right, I know who...and maybe they aren't all that happy now. Rather than talking about her legal qualifications, the President is focusing on ONCE AGAIN placating a bunch of people who don't want your liberal, Jesus -hating views forced upon them, rather would like YOU to live YOUR LIFE in the way THEY think is right. Thats freedom baby! Sad.


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