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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Shame Continues

Andrew Sullivan reports today that the Catholic church is moving forward with their shame inducing position on homeosexual celibate priests.

The archbishop overseeing a Vatican-run inspection of U.S. seminaries said there is no room in seminaries for men with strong homosexual inclinations even if they have been celibate for a decade or more. "I think anyone who has engaged in homosexual activity, or has strong homosexual inclinations, would be best not to apply to a seminary and not to be accepted into a seminary," said Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, head of the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services. Archbishop O'Brien, who is coordinating the visits to more than 220 U.S. seminaries and houses of formation, said even homosexuals who have been celibate for 10 or more years should not be admitted to seminaries. "The Holy See should be coming out with a document about this," Archbishop O'Brien said in an interview with the National Catholic Register newspaper.

So, where these visits made after waves of homosexual priests having been outed? Has their been an increase in homosexual applications to seminaries? Oh, here's why...

The call for the visits came after a wave of abuse allegations and revelations about how dioceses handled those cases.

So once again, the Catholic church has found a scapegoat. I've noted this before. Exactly how is that that gay priests take the fall for the abuses suffered and the COVERUP performed by the church buearocracy?

Its a real shame that a church that proclaims to teach people how to live good and holy lives insists on teaching hate. I continue to disagree with the church, and further, don't think its a sin to do so.


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Blogger Dave Justus said...

It is an interesting twist on the basic arguements in some ways.

Historically, those who are religious have been hesitant to consider homosexuality a choice, rather than a an innate characteristic, while of course pro-homosexual advocates have taken the opposite stance. The parallel is not the same, however I do find the reversal mildly amusing.

One thing that isn't 'PC' to talk about is the connection between homosexuality and the desire to have sex with underage people. Let me be clear, that I am convinced that their is absolutely no connection between homosexuality and pedophelia (sex with pre-pubescent children.) However, any straight guy will tell you that a 14 year old girl can be sexually attractive. That doesn't mean that their are not legimate reasons not to persue sexual relations with that person, but one of the governing factors in limiting that persuit is societal disproval.

This limiting factor is lessened, in my opinion at least, in regards to homosexuality, largely because so much of society disapproves of this activity regardless of the age of the person involved. For a Catholic preist, the disapproval of ANY homosexuality, by his society, would be even greater. Since any homosexual activity is entirely taboo, homosexual activity with a 14 year old boy is not any more taboo than that with a 30 year old man.

This argument could of course be used as a reason for greater acceptance of homosexuality by the general populace of course, but unfortunately while logical is unlikely to change any minds.

All that said, I am not saying that I think that the Church's position is theologically sound. Celibacy, rather than desire, seems to be the determining factor and unless their is compelling evidence that Gays are in some way less able that Straights to be celibate (something I think unlikely) the blanket policy they have is unlikely to be correct.

Increased questioning of homosexual preists as to the nature of their vocation, wether or not they are trying to use the preisthood as a crutch of avoid confronting their sexuality might be a good idea however.

I also have my issues with the entire concept of celibate preists, I think it a mistake to begin with, but that is another topic.

12:38 PM  
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