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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina's aftermath

The stories coming out of New Orleans and Biloxi and other points south are getting more and more heart wrenching every day. Then there are stories like this one:

Zeuschlag said paramedics were calling him and crying for help because they were so scared of people with guns at the Superdome. He also said that during the night, when a medical evacuation helicopter tried to land at a hospital in the outlying town of Kenner, the pilot reported 100 people were on the landing pad, some with guns.

What is going on down there? I mean, I would never assume to know how I would behave in a situation like that one, but I think that I can safely say that I wouldn't be looking for a gun to shoot at people who are trying to help me. Whatever needs to be done to regain order down there needs to be done now and whatever money needs to be spent and however many National Guard troops are needed must be sent.

It is only going to get worse down there, before it gets better. With the level of chaos and lawlessness now, its hard to imagine what is going to happen.


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