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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Culture of Victimization

While I don't necessarily have something to say about the larger point in his post, the last line of Hindrocket's post at Powerline had me laughing my ass off:

Once again, it seems that the liberals have succeeded in capturing a key component of our culture, leaving conservatives to fight a guerrilla campaign from the outside.

Yes, poor conservatives. Fighting that 'guerilla campaign' from majorities in both houses of Congress, a two term sitting President who is appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court, appointing conservatives to positions of authority at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, passing resolutions to criticize evolution in science classes and teach intelligent design, fabricating midnight legislation to save the life of one woman, inspiring pharmacists to refuse to sell medication if it goes against their moral beliefs---I could go on.

I mean, a little perspective...thats all I'm asking for!


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