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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Must Reads

I don't think I can recommend enough these things today:

The Washington Posts frightening articles on torture by the US Military and US-trained Iraqi special forces in Iraq.

Secondly, Marty Ledermans analysis.

At a preliminary court hearing in March for Williams, Loper and Sommer, an interrogator who worked with Welshofer in Iraq, and the Colonel who commanded the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, both told the court that stuffing a detainee in a sleeping bag and putting detainees in a wall locker and banging on it were "appropriate," effective and approved techniques that were used "to frighten detainees and make them tense." White further reports that the "claustrophobic technique" was even used "for some time after" Mowhoush's death, according to sources familiar with the interrogation operation. "The interrogation techniques were known and were approved of by the upper echelons of command of the 3rd ACR," said Williams's attorney. "They believed, and still do, that they were appropriate and proper."

I'll be commenting more later but for now I'll say, ya know, whats the big deal? Its like hazing right Rush? Lets call it Club Iraq right? They aren't entitled to Geneva Convention protections right Bill? Ooops, this is Iraq, and yes they are. This is how we want to win a war? Maybe we could try the Washington Post for treason since they reported something that could ostensibly be used as propaganda for the enemy.

Its disgusting.


Blogger Dave Justus said...

Obviously something went wrong and the guy should not have died. That is why the Army has investigated this and charged people.

However, I don't know that I find putting someone in a sleeping bag to be torture.

I don't know that putting someone in a locker and banging on it is torture.

Now, beating the fuck out of someone is torture, and I don't think it has ever been approved, although I also doubt that there has been a single war we have fought in which captured POWs had the shit beated out of them, and some were killed. That doesn't make this incident right, and it doesn't mean the people doing it shouldn't be punished, but it does make the claim that any abuse MUST come from actions at the top of the chain of command suspect.

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