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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well, I finally did it

Well, I finally got under the skin of a conservative. I should have known that it doesn't take much more than deviant sex to get there. Thank God it wasn't gay sex, or then maybe I would be recieving death threats.

I have to say this post of righteous indignation makes me laugh. Why? For several reasons actually.

First, the fact that Ann Coulter is ripe for satire. She prides herself on being controversial and anyone, right or left wing, who does that is ripe for satire. If it hasn't already been done, I'm expecting a Saturday Night Live skit about her any time now. She is a charicature personality.

Secondly, I love how conservatives will use any occasion, to turn the discussion towards abortion, because they think their arguement is infallible. But, sadly it isn't. They also love to take extreme left-wing ideaologues and put their words, like 'Bush is Hitler' into anyone's mouth to make it seem like liberals love to call Bush, Hitler. News flash, no one is Hitler. Not Bush and not radical 'activist judges' on the Supreme Court.

Thirdly, they think that I should be ashamed for what I link to and that apparently I have no line for which I'm not willing to cross. C'mon, lighten up. Its a dirty joke. A long one, but a joke. He notes in my comments section that he wouldn't think it was funny if it was Barbara Streisand or Katrina Vanden Heuval. Well, good for you, because I think it would be funny. But I think they should change the protagonist to an uncouth redneck for Babs--that would be right up her alley.

You see, when conservatives are outraged for some moral indignation that they think we should all be ashamed for, they can barely control themselves. I mean, a couple of years of blow-job talk on the evening news and $6 million dollars to investigate those blow-jobs--- no they aren't ashmed of that.

I counted 4 references in that post to things that have absolutely nothing to do with my post. But ya know, don't let that get in your way. As I said before, they like to trot out Senator Byrd being a former member of the KKK like Strom Thurmond didn't have a child with his black house servant while married. A child he refused to publicly recognize. We all know he would still be a senior member of the Senate if he wasn't dead. Give it a rest already. Personally, I think people who were for segregation were either lying then (Southerners) or lying now (racist bastards). Either way, I can do nothing about other states Senators when I don't live there. Sorry Scott. But I guess I'll see you trying to do something about Tom Delay soon for all his ethics problems?

You see, conservatives are so concerned with the popularity contest of ideas, that they don't take the time to think to themselves what is actually right and wrong. I wouldn't care if I was the last liberal on the planet. I would die thinking I'm right. It doesn't matter to me that conservatism is more popular these days, it makes me stronger. Compassion for people is not wrong and that is where the heart of my liberalism is; compassion even for those that don't deserve it.

To rail about getting my 'talking points' Daily Kos and the NYT is just once again showing that 'inconvenient facts are to be ignored or revised', as he so eloquently put it. You see, if you check the issues that I discuss, the ones that are important to me, I link to anyone. I haven't done a statistical analysis, but I would say at least 1/2 of my links are to him, Andrew Sullivan (Republican) and Talking Points Memo (hardly a bastion of left wing craziness and widely recognized as one of the foremost blogs on the question of social security). But you know, don't let that get in your way. One of my new favorite blogs that I linked to yesterday is Ragged Thots. A self-described 'Catholic West-Indian black republican'.

But once again, don't let that get in your way. Don't let that get in the way of commenting on my post by saying I removed a comment that I didn't, and then going on and on about getting linked to by bigger sites. Congratulations, I really mean that. But it was a little unseemly. I would never remove a comment, and especially not one from Z, who's opinion and wacky posts I care about. Maybe to you they are fringe, but to me they are putting a spotlight on things that aren't in the main stream. His opinion is a good view into the mind of a 50-something former military man who has travelled this great country. If you don't value that, then something IS wrong.

Finally, I'd just like to say that while that post could be construed as offensive to just about anyone, it WAS and IS funny to me and I'm not ashamed in the least to have linked to it. Maybe you should save the righteous indignation for something that actually matters, instead of a satirical 'blog' about a right-wing pundit. C'mon, its not even as bad as the Larry Flynt cartoons about Jerry Falwell. Are you ashamed that you ever looked at a Penthouse?

PS--I'm pissed, this response pushed back my boring, long awaited post on the real villain--THE MEDIA!!! ahahahahahahahh (evil laugh!)


Blogger scott said...

Are you equating being a member of the KKK to having a child with a black woman?

Is a white man having a child with a black woman as bad as being a member of a hate organization that lynched untold amounts of blacks?

As for getting under my skin, you have never been able to. Believe me, even in person arguing with you that point was never reached.

As for Tom DeLay, show me one case of him being convicted of any crime. He hasn't even been indicted. So much for innocent until proven guilty. Clinton admitted lying under oath, which resulted in him losing his license to practice law and appear before the Supreme Court.

11:33 AM  

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