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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pakistan reacts

Pakistan reacted to Newsweek's retraction saying that it, and it apology are not enough.

"They should understand the sentiments of Muslims and think 101 times before
publishing news which hurt feelings of Muslims."

Um, Pakistan, we don't think 101 times about hurting the feelings of our own people. Try not to hold us to a higher standard for Muslims around the world.
But more telling is this (emphasis mine):
Qazi Hussain Ahmed, head of a hardline six-party Islamic alliance in
Pakistan, said Newsweek's retraction was unlikely to cool tempers in the Muslim
"Whatever (Newsweek) magazine has done now is under pressure (from the
U.S. government)," he said. "It has not denied what it has reported and many
people freed from Guantanamo Bay have narrated the same thing."

He referred
to a report in the Tuesday edition of the Pakistani daily The News that quoted
Hafiz Ehsan Saeed, a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, as saying that the Koran
was routinely desecrated at the U.S. prison.
Saeed was released from
Guantanamo Bay in September but has since been held in a Pakistani jail in
Rawalpindi, a garrison town close to Islamabad. His reported remarks could not
be independently verified.

Thats what makes me laugh when the White House says our 'reputation' has been damaged around the world. Um, White House, that happened a long time ago.


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