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Monday, May 16, 2005

Up there! Its a bird....its a plane....its

the mainstream media (MSM) proving again its liberal bias!
Yes, bloggers unite! Yet again we can add fuel to the fire of 'liberal bias' in the media.
Look over here! Look over there! Whats that you say? Look what is actually happening around us? No, don't do that. Look at our next villain--Newsweek!

Without doubt, Newsweek, for lack of a better term, f&*ked up this story royally. I won't criticize on anonymous sources, because I know stories break on them all the time. It just smacks of sloppy reporting and for a journal like Newsweek, that is unacceptable. See my earlier post about what the hell is going on with the media in this country.

But what Andrew Sullivan (lately we've been very much on the same wavelength) points out, I whole-heartedly agree with. Bloggers are going nuts villifying Newsweek. It will undoubtedly be their topic of choice until heads roll and pink slips are garnered over at their offices. But to actually report on the underlying story--the torture sanctioned by this administration--now that would be a no-no.

But I think it's telling that some bloggers have devoted much, much more
energy to covering the Newsweek error than they ever have to covering any sliver of the widespread evidence of detainee abuse that made the Newsweek piece
credible in the first place. A simple question: after U.S. interrogators have
tortured over two dozen detainees to death, after they have wrapped one in an
Israeli flag, after they have smeared naked detainees with fake menstrual blood,
after they have told one detainee to "Fuck Allah," after they have ordered
detainees to pray to Allah in order to kick them from behind in the head, is it
completely beyond credibility that they would also have desecrated the

All the righteous indignation of some bloggers is so hollow. They refuse to turn their well-trained 'bullshit detector' on anything having to do with the administration. The monumental take-downs of organizations and media outlets (who at times, deserve their wrath) is to be awed at, but to refuse to use it to point out anything else than what furthers their conservative agenda, is sad.


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