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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Quick hits from around the Internet

Just some quick hit posts...longer thoughts to come.

Maybe it was an intelligent designer who forced the icebergs to break away?

The breakup of giant icebergs may have forced minor evolutionary changes in penguins over the past 6,000 years, a new study suggests.

Speaking of intelligent design, those voters in Dover, PA sure let the school board know exactly where they stood...namely, on the side of science. Every single board member who supported the introduction of intelligent design into the science classroom was voted off the board.

Texas passed the measure for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages, even though voters already passed legilation banning it. Apparently, there were afraid of those 'activist judges' again. Reason #5, 674 to hate Texas.

Not surpisingly, Corzine won the governorship here in NJ. Democrat Kaine won in Virginia. Mayor Bloomberg won a landslide in NYC. File these under 'results that should suprise no one'.

Alito confirms his respect for precedent. I still haven't seen anything worthy of a filibuster. I think a lot of Democrats will vote against him, but I think a filibuster is highly unlikely. Unlike most, I think this is because most Democrats realize there isn't much uber-extreme to Alito.

And todays most ridiculous use of politics:

Regulators may need months to review public comments on Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s application to sell the Plan B "morning-after" contraceptive without a prescription, a Food and Drug Administration official said on Tuesday.
The FDA received thousands of comments after it indefinitely postponed a ruling on Plan B in August and asked for public input, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA deputy commissioner for medical and scientific affairs, said.
"It could take months to go through those comments," Gottlieb said at the Reuters Health Summit, held in New York.

Months? Hmmm...I wonder why the public gets to comment on something that has already been decided by a scientific advisory council:

An FDA advisory panel recommended allowing over-the-counter sales in December 2003.

Thats right...two years ago, it was recommended for over the counter sales. TWO YEARS.
Some background on Lester Crawford, the man, who until recently, was responsible for the holdup, here.


Blogger scott said...

So icebergs have been breaking up for 6,000 years. Maybe that'll force global warming screamers to rethink their positions.

6:17 PM  

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