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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ridiculousness at its best

I usually don't go in for the cries from the right about the left being racist or sexist or whatever. But this post is complete tasteless and unexcuseable. I mean, what the hell was he thinking? This doesn't mean the left is racist, it means a blogger is a complete idiot and possibly racist. Disgusting.

**Update: I've been informed that Steve Gilliard is black. I don't think that excuses his post at all, because I don't think he would have ever posted that had it been a Democratic black politician. However, I concede he probably isn't a racist--experiencing temporary insanity? Still very possible.


Blogger Dave Justus said...

Saw that post, personally I wouldn't dignify it with a link.

I certainly agree that that post doesn't represent the opinions of all on the left.

The same thing can be argued when, say Jerry Falwell, does something stupid.

An interesting question though is if the reaction would be the same if pretty much the same thing was done by a 'conservative' blogger about a black politician. Other than you, I haven't seen any 'lefty' blogs denouncing this post. Should they or not? Would they if it was a different situation?

There does seem to me to be a tendancy to ignore political attacks with mildly racist overtone (this one goes beyond that) if they are attacking black Republicans. Condi Rice or Collin Powell as 'Uncle Toms' for example.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Katinula said...

Unfortunately, b/c conservatives, true or not, have a worse reputation when it comes to race, I think the reaction would be stronger. However, I think you can't compare Steve Gilliard to someone like Jerry Falwell. Why? Jerry Falwell and his ilk have access to the White House and politicians through their interest groups. Politicians, for the most part, do not denounce this association. Jerry was on the conference call I believe...the Dobson phone call about Miers.

8:14 AM  

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