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Sunday, October 09, 2005

George Ely has left the building

Today I try and do justice to the intellect and mind of George Ely...better known to some as Zorpack or Z.

Great thinker of ideas, creator of music and beauty, challenger of conformity, bastard extraordinaire, veteran, father of two beautiful daughters and one son, husband and best friend. I don't want to get sappy in trying to write what I think of Mr. Ely (as I affectionately called him), because he would hate that and I hope in my heart he already knew those things; I think he did. From the moment I met him, he challenged me and those around him to see things from a different perspective; to challenge what you were taught; to think differently and to be the person you are. It didn't matter to Mr. Ely if it was the government pressuring you, your parents, your best friend or, quite often, him. He loved to discuss, he loved to sit around, beer in hand and hash it out. He loved to enlighten your mind with a fact here and there (and he had plenty of them) that turned your world, and everything you believed, upside down. He was a 'challenger' in every sense of the word. A grumpy bastard whose long gray hair and and great laugh will be missed more than can be imagined by those he loved and who loved him.

Please do yourself a favor and go read his blog. He would love that more than anything. With that, his last post:

Since I also can't spend a lot of time surfing the web, if you happen to find something that catches your eye or interest, please feel free to add a comment, with the web address, after this message and I'll follow it up as my health allows. Thanks a million, one and all, and stay on guard against tyranny and injustice wherever it raises its ugly head, because, we are the People. One final thing as a parting gift for the voracious among you.I'd like to recommend a book that I'm reading for the third time through. Everytime I read it I'm stunned and amazed by its shear beauty of language (almost poetry I'd say) and the depth of its insights into the ways of humans. It's fairly short, very fast and as satisfying as dinner at Per Se."The Razor's Edge"by W. Somerset Maugham. I declare it an absolute "must read." Enjoy, and goodbye for now.

It really is only for 'now' Mr. Ely.


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