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Friday, October 28, 2005

Coming in at 3 Hours...

Is the new King Kong remake by Peter Jackson. I dont mind long long as they are good. I loved every second of the Lord of the Rings movies...but that could just be because I'm a fan.
However, not being a huge King Kong fan, this part struck me as promising...

After flying to Jackson's home base in Wellington, New Zealand where Kong was shot to watch a sneak peak of the film, studio executives were reportedly elated with the results and agreed to release the three-hour Kong as scheduled Dec. 14--despite the possibility that the length might eat into the monkey movie's box office, allowing for fewer screenings each day.

When business men aren't worried...I think thats gonna be a good movie!


Blogger Dave Justus said...

This will be a big test of Peter Jackson I think. Was the Lord of the Rings a fluke or is he the new Steven Speilberg.

I am betting it will be a great flick. Jackson's older stuff was campy, but showed a lot of originality and that is what Hollywood is really lacking today. Even though this is a re-make, I think it will also be something very new as well.

11:23 AM  

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