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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Padilla's Case

A tangent story to the War on Terror is the case of Jose Padilla. I think this illustrates the Bush Administration's stance on the War on Terror as a whole--namely, we can do whatever we want (torture, hold American's without charges, etc.) as long as its framed by 'fighting the War on Terror' or the Presidents ability to do such.
I think American's should be outraged by the treatment of Padilla. There is no doubt he is dangerous. However, how can an American citizen, be jailed for over 3 years, without being charged and without given due process. It is an outrage and a complete violation of his rights. And YES, he does have rights. Rights guaranteed in the Constitution for him no matter what. If no charges have been brought, is their evidence against him? If so, charge him.

I don't agree with the administration's stance on 'enemy combatants'...this is no surprise. However, Padilla is an American citizen and his rights should NEVER be in question.


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