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Thursday, July 07, 2005

No Time for Politics

I don't really even think that needs to be said, but of course, for some people, anytime is a time for politics.

Michelle Malkin, talented in bringing politics into any discussion, highlights the lunatics over a Daily Kos on the comments board, calling them and others 'the American Left'. But of course, while simultaneously highlighting this post at The Belmont Club which contains this statement (not to metion the looney fest going on in their comments section):

Liberals may believe that accommodation, appeasement or flattery can
change this correspondence.

They are not the American Left anymore than Jerry Falwell is the American Right. The 80% of people in between those two extremes would beg to differ while still considering themselves 'left' or 'right'.
Could we just get past today before we start worrying about the political repurcussions of the attacks? We all agree there is a war on terror, we might disagree about how to fight it, but Terror attacked today, lets stand together to show that our disagreements are really what makes us strong instead of tearing people down and talking about who will politically benefit.


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