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Monday, June 27, 2005

Sports wrap-up

More Wimbledon:

Serena out, Henman out, Safin out. Lots of seeds fell this weekend, but thats a grand slam. Serena again proves she doesn't know when to shut up in post match press conferences.

Serena Williams: As shabbily as she played, it was in her postmatch
remarks that she really disgraced herself. "[Craybas] didn't do anything -- she
didn't have to do anything exceptionally well today. She just pretty much had to
show up."

Serena makes a habit of statements like these. She really needs to have a bit more class--and this is coming from someone who likes both the Williams sisters. If you aren't familiar with tennis, this type of statement--basically not giving your opponent credit for beating you--is a major faux pas in tennis, and most individual sports.

The new "Henman" is alive. As Jon Wertheim points out, his reward?

Scottish teen reaches round three before running out of petrol against
David Nalbandian. His reward? A dozen or so more years of carrying the hopes of
a nation.

Its hard for Americans to grasp, but when you are from a smaller country, with a lack of atheletes in the top echelons of sports, when you have talent, the pressure is immense.

My picks? Federer to win as I think most of the competitors who can and have beaten him, have been eliminated. For the women, I'd love to see Davenport pull another major out late in her career, but Sharapova is looking good. Its a tough call.


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