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Thursday, June 23, 2005

One Sentiment worth linking to

In reading through all of the talk tonight--righty blogs, lefty blogs and all the comments contained within--it struck me, really struck me for the first time that people are never going to be able to come together. We're so far apart, there really is not reason to even justify who said what about whom. I can't think of a thing in recent history that is so important to the survival of America, that single-handedly causes the most vicious, vile and partisan rhetoric. I truly think that if we can't overcome it, we will cease to be. 9/11 happened folks. NO ONE has a patent on 9/11 and what it all 'meaned'. The victims of 9/11 were not one political party or religion, or sex, or ethnicity or sexuality and the things that are said and done in their name, by both parties, are frankly, vulgar.
There should be a moratorium on any comments containing the phrase "9/11" or "September 11th" or any reference to that tragic day that purports to know what the victims would think or want or do. In that vane, I'll echo the one sentiment I read tonight that is the most important and has the most value:

As families whose relatives were victims of the 9/11 terror attacks, we
believe it is an outrage that any Democrat, any Republican, any conservative, or
any liberal stakes a "high ground" position based upon the September 11th death
and destruction. Doing so assumes that all those who died and their loved ones
would agree. In truth, some would and some would not. By definition the conduct
is divisive and, because it is intended to be self-serving and politicizes 9/11,
it is offensive.


Blogger Dave Justus said...

I partly agree here. I don't think we can, or should, use the victims as our mouthpeices. We don't know what they would have wanted, and it does not matter a whole lot anyway.

However, I think ignoring that 9/11 happened, trying to forget it and just move on, and not dealing with the issues it represents is extremely foolish. We certainly need to continue to remember 9/11 and discuss what it means to us.

9/11 will always be political however. It was intended as a political act, and demanded a collective response that requires politics.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Katinula said...

Yes, but that response should not come in the form of purporting to know what the vicitms would think or do or want, and I think that that kind of talk, unfortunately is some of the only times 9/11 comes up in Washington. There is just far too much viciousness in the rhetoric anymore when it comes to 9/11 or the War on Terror. Either that or the country is full of war-mongering, money hungry bible thumpers and sissy, tree-hugging traitors. I think in all this apology/retract/resign mess, that was the most important remember 9/11 and remember that the enemy is not each other.

8:52 PM  

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