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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What I hope to see tonight

First I'll start off by saying that I won't be watching tonight. I have school and most likely this speech will be over by the time I get home. I probably wouldn't watch anyway. I find it much more tolerable to read the transcripts of Bush's speeches.
I'm not looking for a pullout of troops and I'm not expecting Bush to offer that. I don't support that. We have a vested interest in the stability and future of Iraq at this point and pulling out the troops is not the option. I am looking for a strategy. I'd say new strategy, but I'm not at all convinced we ever had one to begin with. I feel the President should offer some new strategical goals, broadly go over how we hope to accomplish them and let the American people know exactly what needs to be done in Iraq before we do pull our troops out.
Most importantly, I'm looking for some straight talk and I don't expect to get it--maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. This President can't talk about leading this country while he lets his chief political strategist paint 1/2 the country as weak in the knees. I don't want to hear 'we're making progress' unless it is followed by concrete examples. I'd like to hear the areas where Bush feels we need to make more progress, including some straight talk on the insurgency and confirmation on whether or not we are negotiating with them. I'd like to hear that abuses won't be tolerated. I'd like to hear some vision, not empty rhetoric.
Yes, I'm expecting a alot, but I'm not giving up hope, I'm just fairly cynical.
If it is just another press conference with hollow memes like 'things are going well' and 'I think about Iraq every day', I think I'll throw up my dinner because re-runs of House were pre-empted for that bullshit.
If you expect the American people to support you, give them something to support.


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