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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

McCain bitchslaps Norquist

Thats gotta hurt (via TCR). John McCain responding to Grover Norquist calling him 'the nutjob from Arizona' and then 'the gun grabbing tax increaser from Arizona':

"There's never been a shortage of blowhards and bores in this town. I'm
sure Grover is comfortable in their crowded ranks, but that hardly merits the
attention he craves. I assume he wants to provoke us, but it's hard to work up
much interest for someone who in his continued warm embrace of Jack Abramoff is doing a more than adequate job of marginalizing himself.
Most Reagan revolutionaries came to Washington to do something more patriotic than rip off Indian tribes."

Hopefully, the Indian tribes corruption story will start getting more press, especially since one of its chief beneficiaries, Ralph Reed, is running for elected office.

For more on the scandal, turn to the esteemed Bull Moose, who has been covering it for months.


Blogger Horatio said...

What a quote! One thing about these so called maverick republicans, they better start voting like maverick republicans.

11:06 AM  

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