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Thursday, July 07, 2005


As usual, Instapundit has the best roundup of links. Some bloggers are there and live-blogging coverage.

Andrew Sullivan has more commentary.

Press conference just said no advance warning of the attacks. My question, why hasn't our terror alert been raised. Seems appropriate to me at this time. NJ Transit, Amtrack, Chicago and Atlanta public transportation on extra alert.

UPDATE: our terror alert level for transportation systems only has been raised.

I remember the fear of thinking something else still might happen. I hope that it doesn't. Many foreign countries are going to be affected as one explosion was on a double decker bus, and it isn't Britons who ride those tourist buses. Pics of the bus are horrendous and I'd be surprised if many people survived that blast. News conference just said they couldn't confirm casualites on the bus, 33 in the other 3 explosions.

More here.

Update: Andrew Sullivan has a great roundup of truly 'British' responses. Its a great read.


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