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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Daily Show is the best show on TV

For anyone that doubts this, I just challenge them to watch it every night for a week. It is smart, hysterically funny and Jon Stewart and the 'correspondants' are just deadpan. From claiming that during the Rove questioning of McClellan that 'we've secretly replaced the White House press corps with real journalists, lets see if anyone notices' to 'Harry Potter terror', it is consistently on the mark.

From last night:

Stewart: So after yesterday's announcement of Bush's pick for the Supreme Court, how is the left wing reacting?
Rob Corddry: Well, Jon, they're outraged over Bush's pick, and they have been for weeks."

and showing the video of adorable son Jack doin' his thang...

Stewart: Thats Roberts wife Jane, and his two kids Josie and Jack. Jack, of course, is the one who appears to be on his way to losing the case Family v. Ritalin.


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