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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A good point

John Cole makes a good point today in highlighting some on the left slamming Mehlman and the GOP for apologizing for the 'Southern Strategy'.

Despite all that, it is still profoundly unfair to even attempt to portray this White House as racist. Bush may be wrong on a lot of issues, but it is a stretch to claim that racism is one of those sins, and Herbert is simply trying to keep hate alive.

Political division is as essential to this administration as a knife and fork at the dinner table, but it is simply wrong to say that race is one of the factors that they use to divide. President Bush has appointed more minorities than any President and has made history with some of his appointments. Thats not to say they weren't for political capital, but nonetheless, he deserves the credit for them.

With so many points to make about division, Herbert invents one that doesn't exist.


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