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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sports update

A quickie update. Lance Armstrong maintained his overall lead in the Tour de France. I was watching CNN last night and I saw a special on Lance. It focused on studies conducted on him in Texas as a sports medicine and training lab. Did anyone else see this special. Of all the amazing things about Lance Armstrong two things stood out.

First, after undergoing chemotherapy and testing his body, not just physically, doctors were able to compare that to his baseline tests, which began at age 21 at that lab, and determine that the chemotherapy had absolutely no negative effect on his body.

Secondly and perhaps a bit more amazingly, studies show that Lance Armstrong's body, with no training at all, is at a level equal to the average person's body after years of intense training. Think about that for a moment and just realize what that means. He truly is, Superman.


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