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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I thought we agreed...

Environmental Republican has his new post up on the Schiavo autopsy released today. Once upon a time we agreed that the government was going to far in this case. Apprently now I'm in for, and I guess most of the other bloggers besides him, yet another round of 'shame'. You might recall the last time I should have been ashamed of myself. My loyal readers know, I don't take very kindly to being 'shamed'.

The autopsy results were released by the M.E. regarding Terri Schiavo. The
left and right are doing their usual dance about what it all means. The left
side of the blogosphere is
ecstatic and the right is still defending their positions.

That link is to my post concerning the story wondering if any of the users of the Schiavo family was going to apologize. I didn't even realize that I had such a latent feeling of ecstacy while I was writing that. Here's what I said:

Should I hold out hope...
that one of those commentators,
protestors, SENATORS, CONGRESSMEN...anyone who used this case to further their own agenda...will apologize.I guess I won't hold my breath (emphasis

Then I quoted the story concerning the autopsy and a quote from Bill Frist at the time. Then I said:

I feel very sad for her parents. I truly believed that they thought she
could be rehabilitated, and that in itself is not something to sneer at. But
they were used, by everyone, to further an agenda that had nothing to do with
them. Yes, they took advantage of it, but I'm sure it was out of love and a
sense of loss.

I know alot of conservatives don't recognize a little compassion when they see it, but c'mon. In fact, when I expressed a similar statement concerning the protestors and the government intrustion into the private matter I believe a somewhat reasonable bloggers once said

I agree with the affable Katinula!

But you see, that was then and this is now. We, mind you WE, should be ashamed of ourselves to have even taken sides in the whole issue.
Shame on all of you

In fact, WE "got so caught up in politics that they lost their remaining humanity."

Pheeww...I'm glad I didnt get caught up into politics like this guy did (emphasis mine and links removed):

The left side of the blogosphere is ecstatic
and the right is still defending their positions.

the simple fact is that a woman was allowed to die a slow death and her
husband, while appearing to me to be a low-life, was unabashedly

Dems and Libs who should be ashamed of dredging up the death of Tom DeLay's mother and other assorted unseemly things

Second, the Democrats are in the position (again) that they are crowing
about a 'win' for starving a young woman
. How come a Liberal win always leaves me with the feeling that I need a two-hour hot shower. These people are

Michael Schiavo is such a dirtbag that

The news media showed that they have yet to reach the bottom.

Now for any and all phrases which represented the conservative/right wing position in the debate:

people are with me that the government overstepped its bounds and
disagree with the conservative blogosphere

This is not the Republican party that I know, one of limited government and states

I was appalled that the government of the US met in a midnight session
and enacted a law that was not directed at the greater good of the

The various courts as a whole and the judges in particular had some
tough decisions to make and erred on the side of the law and not emotion.
They've taken a beating on this wrongly in my view.

No one looks good and everyone looks bad.

But apparently, 'everyone' is not him. I report, you decide.
Scott, I love ya, but sometimes man...sometimes, you are just wrong.


Blogger Dave Justus said...

Extremists on both sides misused this case.

There is a certain sense of gloating about the autopsy by some that is unseemly. The denial of the medical results by some on the right is unseemly as well.

When it comes down to it, the right and wrong of this case (which is a complex issue) has nothing to do with the autopsy. The autopsy cannot, and does not prove either side 'right'.

12:45 PM  

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