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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Flavor-Flav...Political Opportunist

Liberal indoctrinator? Is that even a word?

Sadly No has a hysterical piece on a College Republican's 'review' of a Flavor-Flav concert in Myrtle Beach during spring break (a little late?).

With slogans like "F*@^ Bush," "War is not the answer," and "He ain't
my president," Flava-Flav brought on a new wave of liberal indoctrination in the
21st Century.


If liberals are so desperate that they must resort to attempted
brainwashing of students in clubs, liberal indoctrination has reached a new

Umm...Hi dorky college republican. I call you that because apparently you were unaware of who Flavor-Flav is. I would call you a honky ala George Jefferson, but I'm trying to be nice. You see, back in the day (80's and 90's) Flavor-Flav was part of a pretty popular rap group called PUBLIC ENEMY. They were popular with the youths of the time with songs like 911 IS A JOKE, F*&K THE POLICE and BRING THE NOISE.
In case you hadn't noticed, they were considered somewhat radical in their time and WERE ALWAYS and their members CONTINUE TO BE extremely political.

What a jack-ass. Get a clue.


Blogger Horatio said...

Not only a pretty popular rap group, but a possibly the most revolutionary and wildly influential rap group of all time.

3:25 PM  

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