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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lots to check out...

Just a wrap up...commentary to come later.

TCR has a new weekly feature, started last week, which unfortunately seems to be gaining momentum. Definitely some interesting 'pay to play' type stuff.

Atrios has an interesting post about the Downing Street Memo. I've steered clear for a while but plan to educate myself on the topic.

Another O'Reilly meltdown. Here's a fun drinking game. Count how many times that jack-ass calls Al Franken a name, including 'vile, smear merchant' without actually citing one piece of evidence. Or ya know, count how many times Franken has offered to be on the show with O'Reilly not taking him up on the offer. Either way, you'll be drunk in 4 minutes.

Rick Santorum, as everyone knows, is an idiot and more than likely, is not going to have a job soon. Here, speaking of the Schiavo case:

"If a state court decides to take the life of someone, there should be a
federal review."

As Andrew Sullivan says:
So the feds now have jurisdiction over all death penalty cases, all
end-of-life decisions under state law, and on and on? When someone as fanatical
as Santorum is so dominant in the Republican party, you know that conservatism
as we have known it is essentially over.

Environmental Republican is right. Most in the blogosphere agree it seems.


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