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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You have to come up with better reasoning than that...

C'mon Powerline, I expected more from you.

JOHN adds: It is sad that the Democrats have voted en masse against a judge
who by any rational standard should be non-controversial. Owen was re-elected to her position as a Justice of the Texas Supreme Court by an overwhelming
majority, and received the highest possible rating from the American Bar

And I'm supposed to care who gets elected in Texas? As if that means something? They just voted to outlaw gay foster parents and to outlaw 'overtly sexual' cheerleading (that they will know when they see it... no standards necessary). I mean, if you are going to get me to agree because of her re-election, you gotta pick a better state than wacky Texas. And additionally, see here the list of judicial nominees who had the highest possible rating from the ABA and were not only NOT given an up or down vote, but never were allowed out of committee.

My point is not to say 'Republicans did it too' (though they did) it is to say if you are going to try and say she isn't controversial, you better come up with better reasons than that! Enough with the 'unprecedented' is almost to the point of outright lies.


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